Nannue Tipitier

by Katenan Juntimathorn

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It was released in 2002. I re released in for 2011. Sometimes, old thing is good.


released January 1, 2011

Produced by Nannue Tipitier
Mastered by Max Petersen
Re Amped @ SAE Paris
CD Released by Junkfood Rec



all rights reserved
Track Name: An infant has no soul (เด็กแรกเกิดไม่มีวิญญาณ)
I believe that An infant does not have a Soul or at least doesn't realize that it has one yet. As it grows up, its soul will be consumed by the good and bad and its mission is to live and purify its soul and make peace before the body dies away...
Track Name: Soundtrack No.1 (สุขสันต์วันเกิด คุณพ่อ)
Happy Birthday, Father. This song is for you. Together or Alone.
Track Name: Am I Saved Now? (ล้ำเส้นยาแดง)
As you probably know by now, We live in the age of uncertainty. Nothing is totally safe and everything will fade away in no time. We are not save anywhere... Use your data wisely...
Track Name: Do You Want To Rest Here? (ไปไม่กลับ หลับไม่ตื่น พื้นไม่มี หนีไม่พ้น)
There are times when I want to forever rest but as I am about to do so somethings stop me and tell me that I must go on living... I will live until the day I die and I will try to be as good and loving in the doing.
Track Name: Ambient No.1 (บุ๋ง บุ๋ง บุ๋ง บุ๋ง)
Ambient piece captured the feeling of being under water as I often feel in life when I am completely lost.
Track Name: Freedom Will Cost You (ราคาของอิสรภาพ)
What would do you without freedom. FIGHT
Track Name: A Wise Caveman (มนุษย์ถ้ำผู้รอบรู้)
Me + somethings... = wannabe wise, and then, I got introduced to Plato. Socrates because of The Black 'One'. Oh, much wiser than before. The future? To be sane and good.